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According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, there was an increase in mortgage applications to a 1.7 percent gain from the previous week, after consecutive declines. Positive mortgage activity plays into the surge of expensive home sales in the third quarter at a 41.5 percent increase....

Did you know that today is World Kindness day? This originally started in Tokyo over 21 years ago, but now we have several countries, United States, Canada, Japan, Italy, Australia, all kinds of countries that have come together to observe this holiday. And so just...

So just a reminder that next Wednesday is veteran's day. We are just so grateful for all of those who have served on our behalf, and just want to remind you to recognize them on next Wednesday. Also for all those retired veterans out there....

there is a program out there that's called an interest rate reduction refinance loan with interest rates remaining at an all-time low, it's imperative that we speak with these veterans and see how we can better their financial position....

for over 22 years in this mortgage career, it has always been a personal goal for me to exceed that $120 million mark. And as you can see, well, with some backwards numbers, our team officially this month has exceeded the $133 million mark! So...

As of December 1st, the FHFA is applying that half a percent fee to all refinances. If you haven't looked at your mortgage statement, if you have a family friend, associate coworker, anyone, you know, that doesn't know their interest rate on their mortgage, encourage them...

The Holly Walther Lending Team - an innovative mortgage company focused on residential mortgage lending looking to raise the bar in service to our clients and referral partners. We are a relationship-based business working with a variety of partners within the residential real estate industry....

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Get the scoop on the biggest mortgage trends.

Insider List

Get the scoop on the biggest mortgage trends.