Tuesday Tips and Tricks: As a Real Estate Agent on Instagram What Should You Be Posting?

Happy Tuesday, everyone! As a real estate agent on Instagram what should you be posting? Let’s talk about it! ​

First things first people connect with people. Try not to fill up your feed with only pictures of homes because people aren’t going to connect with your pictures of your just sold and you’re just listed.

Think of the 80/20 rule, 80% personal 20% business, and 80% of your personal side should be things you like to do with your family, your dog, your hobbies and in that 20% that’s where you put your just listed it and just sold.

However, in your 80% personal those things could still have some relation to real estate too. It can be pictures of you with a client, you standing in front of a home, or you sharing some real estate tips just make sure you are in the photo! Remember you’re a person, your client is a person, and people connect with people!

Hope you found these tips insightful, see you next time for another tip and trick!

Together we thrive,