Motivational Monday with Holly: “Do What You Can, With What you Have, Where You Are At”.

Hey guys, happy Monday! Hope you had a fabulous weekend. It’s Holly, and this week’s Monday Motivation is one of my ultimate favorite quotes from Theodore Roosevelt.

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are at”.

So, let’s think about that for a second. How many times do we start our day? You know, with an ungrateful heart, focusing on all the things that we still want, focusing on the things that we don’t have, or focusing on the things that are going wrong. Well, I challenge you when your eyes open in the morning; let’s switch this thought process. Let’s really think about what we have to be grateful for. If you’re waking up in a warm bed, that’s number one; if you wake up without aches or pains or a terminal illness that has you overwhelmed, that’s number two; If you have food to put in your bellies, that’s number three; If you have a car in your garage to get two and from work, that’s number four. There are so many simple things that we just take for granted in our everyday life.

So I challenge you this week to really be grateful for all the amazing things you have and check in with us next week.

Have a great day!