Holly Walther Lending Team: Where in the World is Daisy? Tree Job 05

Hey guys, happy Wednesday! It’s Holly with little miss Daisy. You can see she’s tired out and she is sad to know that this is our last week with Amy, Tree Job’s tree girl. We are so excited and honored to have had her as a partner this week. Just a quick reminder that if you still have time get in touch with her, get this personal job scheduled, use that promo code Daisy and save that hundred dollars. Amy, you know, I thought as we wrap up our time together, it would be really important for our viewers to hear like a personal success story. I know that a good friend of ours who recently used your services. So why don’t you share a little with us on that experience, the timing of that experience, and how that really was, you know, beneficial and imperative that she had you there with her to keep her property rented and other things. Share with us I’m babbling, but you know the story. You say a lot better.

No, absolutely. She’s um, a property manager in Airbnbs, which is so much fun. She and I have met and she, unfortunately, had a tree fall on one of her properties. So those homes have quick turnover rates. So for that to stand in an unfortunate event for too long, also cost her money. Right? So she had my number, she gave me a call and within 15 minutes I was there, within 30 minutes my crew was there, and within an hour that tree was off the roof of the entire home. Then, which was the icing on the cake, right? This was an insurance claim. So she had to go through insurance and sometimes even as a property manager, you have a lot on your plate. And so having to deal with insurance, all of us could probably relate is just Ugh, kind of a headache. So I actually have an insurance guy on our team and he helps handhold you through that process and makes sure that you’re taking care of both money-wise, process-wise, etc. So that turnover also gets done and paid out. You don’t have to worry about it down the road.


That’s fantastic. And I think that’s something that people really need to take into consideration. If you find yourself needing a tree specialist, then that’s something that’s gonna take so much more off your plate. Cause that’s a whole other full-time job with your insurance to file claims.

And you don’t realize what is covered and how much you can get covered actually using the right words, the right workflow. And just having somebody in your corner like that can, you know, ease that stress and anxiety of having to get through the whole process.

Well, not only that, and how quickly you responded when were there. Absolutely amazing.

Well, great guys, if you haven’t called her already, I don’t know what more you need to encourage you to do so, so call her today. Thanks again.

Absolutely. Thanks for having me.