Holly Walther Lending Team: Where in the World is Daisy? Tree Job 04

Hey guys, happy Wednesday! It’s Holly and little miss Daisy, and we are so excited to be back here once again with our girl Amy, Tree Job’s tree girl. Amy, we’ve covered so much over the past few weeks from residential to HOA. But let’s think bigger cuz not all of our viewers are homeowners or have the control to be able to refer your business in a department situation. But most likely we all have jobs. So when we’re thinking bigger and we’re thinking business or commercial, when would we call you just to give some people some ideas on how to connect you too?

Yeah, absolutely. So even bigger on the spectrum of how tree service can help you is property management in our commercial building. So we all know Georgia’s growing. There’s a lot of turnover, there’s new buildings; either being built, bought out, switching hands, etc.

So at the end of the day, somebody has to service that property. And when it comes to the trees, I hope to be that person to take care of you. So what I can do to come help is being brought in and either clean up maintenance, or bring back trees right off the roof. A lot of times the older buildings, when those trees come in close to the building. They start getting mildew or the sun can’t dry out the side building, which then leads to meeting power washer needs, etc. So how I can help them, too, is clean up that property, make it a little bit easier to maintain, and then be that phone call for that property manager if anything were to go wrong. So post-storm cleanup, if something were to happen, they’ve got a lot on their plate and they’re probably managing a portfolio larger than just one building.

Okay, so a few reminders guys in the below. Be sure to click on the link and check out Amy’s video for property management services. Also, if you work in an office complex and you’re going to park your car and that tree is scraping your car, that would be a great time to ask who’s the property manager? Who is the landlord? That would be a great connection for her as well as if you see a landscaping company out in front of your commercial property or place of business, that would be a great referral as well.

And then also keep in mind, any jobs booked for the month of June. If you use the promo code Daisy, you will get that hundred dollars discount off your bill, and just know that Amy is here for all your needs. Have a great day.