Holly Walther Lending Team: Where in the World is Daisy? Tree Job 03

Hey guys, happy Wednesday! It’s Holly and little miss Daisy, and we are so excited to continue our Where in the World is Daisy with Amy, Tree Job’s tree girl, for the month of June. So Amy you’ve been so gracious in giving some amazing discounts for our viewers. And I was reflecting this morning and we really wanna make sure that we are giving back to you. So what are some connections that you may need that myself and our viewers could provide to you to excel in your business?

Besides Daisy’s kisses.

I know Daisy loves all the kisses!

Absolutely! Best way to set me up. I, you know, love staying interconnected with community. Is getting linked up with landscapers. A lot of people don’t know this. But, landscapers only can handle so much of a tree. So the small ones, lower ones, anything like that they can take on for you. When we get to those big widow makers, as we like to call them, those big trees that take about a lot more height, a lot more climbing, and just a lot more security than you might need; that’s when they call on the tree folk. And hopefully, I can be on the other end of that phone call. Yeah. So if you can link me up with your landscaper, your neighborhood landscaper, HOA landscaper, anything. That would better service me so I can keep chugging and keeping you all safe.

That’s great! And I’m so glad you mentioned that cuz I have two that I’m gonna connect you with.

So guys, just a quick reminder, any jobs booked for the month of June, use our promo word Daisy and get a hundred dollars off your service and be sure to check us out next week.