Holly Walther Lending Team Fun Fact Friday: How To Find the Right Inspector Part 04

Hey guys, happy Friday. It’s Holly by standing little miss Daisy. And we are here with your fun fact Friday. Well, today we wanna continue our series on home inspections. So we’re gonna call this home inspections part four. And what I wanna do is go through some FAQs in regards to inspections.

So number one, a major question that we get repeatedly is when does a home inspection take place. And typically this is gonna happen after you’re under contract during your due diligence timeframe in your sales contract. Now let’s be honest, this market is super competitive. So it is also common sometimes for your agent to go ahead and encourage you to preschedule your inspection, to be more competitive in this market, and sometimes even do that inspection in advance. But the typical inspection period is going to be during your due diligence.

Number two, how much does it cost? Well, this is a sliding range answer because it really depends on the size of the property, the complexity of the property. What exactly is it you’re having inspected? Is it on a basement? Is it on a cross base? Is it on a slab? Are you adding the additional rate on testing? Are you wanting the moisture barriers to be tested? So, you know, average home inspection for an average-size home is gonna be anywhere from five to $600, but do keep in mind if you call and you add on all these additional services, do not have sticker shock if that inspection cost exceeds a thousand dollars.

Number three, how long does an inspection take? Well, that’s also a, you know, question that’s gonna have many ranges of time period because it’s gonna depend on all those same factors in regards to the property that you’re inspecting. So I would say average four to five hours, but again, if it’s a 6,000 square foot home and you know, there’s all these other complexities in the property and you’re adding all these multiple inspections, then it may take all day. So just be prepared for that.

And do you need to attend the inspection? I always say yes, because if you’re using your hard-earned dollars and making the biggest purchase of your life, I would encourage you if at all possible be present, but of course, it’s not necessary. So there are your quick tips and your FAQs on home inspections. As always, if you have any specific questions, please feel free to reach out and have a great weekend