Holly Walther Lending Team Fun Fact Friday How To Find the Right Inspector Part 03

Holly: Hey guys, happy Friday. It’s Holly, and little miss Daisy. And this week we want to continue our series on home inspections for our fun fact Friday. So this is part three, how to find the right home inspector. Well, if you’re working with a realtor, they are gonna give you a list of referrals. And that is where I encourage you to start because they are in this business. They know who’s highly qualified. They have experience with those inspectors and they’re gonna give you great referrals. If that’s not some, you know, if for whatever reason you aren’t working with an agent or you don’t find and connect with someone on that list or their calendar is too busy to assist you, then maybe do an online search. Now in doing with an online search, I encourage you to make sure that you identify an inspector with a legitimate website, maybe check their ratings with a Better Business Bureau.

See what their website has to say. Maybe even also call the inspector, have detailed qualified conversations on their qualifications with maybe two or three inspectors, ask them detailed questions. What type of inspections do they perform? Is it just your standard inspection? Do they do radon testing? Are they checking for moisture? What type of equipment do they use? You know, there’s always the latest and greatest technology. So you wanna make sure that it’s an inspector that’s well trained and versed in the latest and greatest to get you the most qualified inspection. Do they guarantee the accuracy of their inspection report? That’s super important. And last but not least, you know, we don’t wanna penalize businesses that are just beginning, but you wanna make sure that when working with somebody that they’re well qualified and that they do have experience. Now, maybe they’re a new business. That’s not a reason to rule them out. They may have done an apprenticeship under a larger company. So just bottom line, you are investing your hard earned dollars. This is likely gonna be the biggest purchase that you ever make in your entire life. So do your research, do your due diligence, find the perfect home inspector. And if you’re still in the searching process, I would go ahead and do this now. So you know who you wanna work with when you find that perfect home, have a great weekend.