Holly Walther Lending Team Home Inspection Thoughts

Holly: Hey guys, Happy Friday. It’s Holly, my stand-in little miss Daisy, and we are here with this week’s Fun Fact Friday, Last Week, I mentioned that we were gonna launch a series on home inspections, and today we are gonna continue that thought process with a couple more thought provoking tips that I want you to think about when considering a home inspection. Number one, it’s a great tool for negotiating. Now, of course, I recognize the demands of the current market. I know in the current situation sellers, aren’t doing the things that they used to, but it’s still super important that you get a home inspection from a licensed professional. They’re gonna pinpoint things that aren’t, you’re not gonna catch with that five to 15 minute tour of that home things that need to be serviced. Things that need to be replaced. Things that need to be repaired or things that just need to be torn out and redone all together.

Even in this market, you need to be aware of those things. So you can try to negotiate or make not only a short term decision, but a long term decision on whether or not that house is going to meet your needs. Also, you know, it gives you an opportunity to renegotiate. We all know in this market, we are agreeing to some crazy things and that’s great, but that doesn’t discount the importance of that inspection. And you realizing exactly what you are getting into a home is a long term purchase. It’s the most likely the most expensive purchase you’ll ever make. So I just wanna encourage you to still do that home inspection, think through some of these sayings, and as always, if you have any questions or concerns, you call us, we’re here to help have a great weekend.