Holly Walther Lending Team: Fun Fact Friday – Team Rest and Planning

Holly: Hey guys, happy Friday. It’s Holly and my fill-in a little miss Daisy. Daisy’s been taken a hiatus the summer. She’s laying out by the pool, but we are here this week with a feel good Friday. So, let’s talk about two things that are vitally important to plan a successful week as you move into your weekend and thinking forward into next week; rest and planning. Okay. So what does rest mean? It’s going to mean different things to different people.

For me, rest means meaningful time with my family, disconnected from my cell phone. You know, spending quality time. We take walks to a local place not too far from our house on Saturday morning. That’s something that Jake and I always do. We have breakfast together. And this is my sacred time with him, or anyone else that wants to join from the family. But typically it’s just he and I, and we do this year around If it’s raining, then I try to talk him into letting me drive. But even when it was cold, when it was below 30 degrees, we would bundle up and we would walk to breakfast. So, rest. And you know what that looks like for you. Maybe a meditation. You know, one thing that I also love, if you have an Alexa, like 99% of the world does, try asking Alexa to play Headspace at night when you go to bed. It has a great 10 minute meditation, the sleep meditation, it will put you to sleep every time. So think about those things as you move into the weekend.

Next is planning. Look at your calendar. If you’re like me, I usually like looking at it Friday afternoon. Sunday is not a good day for me because then I have all this anxiety about the next week, and I feel that I’m not really present for those who need my time on the weekend. But take a minute before you leave the office. And I know for you realtors out there and us mortgage people too, we’re working all weekend. But take a minute and really look at what is already concrete on your calendar for next week, like the non-negotiables that you can’t move. And then plan ahead for those. You know, maybe if you have certain meetings, maybe pull out those five outfits for next week, look at the weather and plan ahead. That’s one less thing that you need to do as you start your week. Sunday evenings are high anxiety for me. I mean, I know it. So I really focus on taking care of as much as I can earlier in the weekend. Because I know Sunday afternoon, if I’m already a whirlwind about what’s happening next week, then I’m not present and I typically don’t enjoy my Sunday.

So, there are a few quick tips that have been very helpful for me. I hope you have a great weekend. Spend your afternoon planning ahead, get some rest this weekend, and we will see you next week.