Holly Walther Lending Team: “Where In The World Is Daisy?” MesmerEyes – Week 02

Holly: Hey guys! It’s Holly and little miss Daisy, and happy Wednesday to you. This week as we continue our series from, “Where in the World is Daisy?” for the month of June, we are super excited to continue our discussions with MesmerEyes media. So guys, thanks again for being here. Last week we really did more of an introduction to your company and what you’re about, and really focused on headshots. But I know you also do a lot of corporate videos. And I know there’s a lot of companies out there doing that. So tell us what sets you apart and why you are the definite choice for anyone needing that type of video.

Tim: OK. Well, first off, corporate marketing videos, it’s the future. There’s so many stats out there now that tell you you know, why you need to have video, or that if you don’t have video, you’re behind the eight ball. One of the reasons why we got into video and why we started this company was because we love to tell stories and we love to help have people tell their stories. And so there’s a big storytelling part to it, but there’s also a marketing part to it. You know, and Brian to say, Jared has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from University of Tulsa. So he brings that into it. And so when we put our videos together it’s not just ask questions and shoot there’s, there’s definitely a science to it and an art to it. So that way it can tell your story in the most engaging way to hopefully help companies bring in more business and increase revenue.

Jared: There’s a ton of companies out there that can make really pretty video and really great looking video. But if it doesn’t ring the cash register, what’s the point? So you got a really cool video that hasn’t made you any money. We’ve always found that good balance of really cool video, but also rings cash registers. So there’s a delicate balance.

Holly: And that’s a great point because I know we’ve done a lot of videos in the past. I mean, we continue to do so. And people always say, well, was it worth the money? So help explain to our viewers like how you can really quantify the return on investment?

Jared: So, ROI is honestly a little bit tricky in our world. But the thing about it is, it’s branding for the most part. You know, I was actually just dealing with a client last week. He said, well, how can I guarantee the ROI? I said, well, he was in a law firm. I said, well, if you get one client, what does that mean to you? And he said, you know, I’ve had clients, one client might need 500 grand and I said, well, if you got that one client based on the video, or if our video helped push that client over the edge, then that’s a measurable ROI. And the last company I worked for, we actually did a video for a country club. It was a hundred thousand dollar buy in. We did this a while back when you could easily charge 30 grand for a video. But within the first month they had five new members based on watching these videos. 30 that’s 500, pretty easy ROI. So it’s not always going to be like that. And you know, sometimes it’s, you know, I always use the analogy like Coca-Cola. I’ve never known anyone in my life that’s watching a TV commercial for Coca-Cola and says, you know what, I’m going to turn my TV off and get my car and drive to the gas station, and buy a coke. But it’s branding. They remember it. So next time you’re thirsty and you’re at a gas station, oh! Coca-Cola. It’s in their brain. So it’s slightly hard to measure, but that’s how you measure ROI.

Tim: And also the one thing we bring, every product we do and every video that we see is just as professional as it can be. It’s it is TV, commercial quality. One of our tag-lines is, good enough is not good enough. Everybody’s got cell phones nowadays and they think they can do it themselves. And I mean, it’s better than not having anything, but when it comes to representing your company, is good enough, good enough? Not in our opinion.

Holly: Well I think also, it depends on what you’re representing at the time. If you’re doing a touch or you’re just, you know, saying a warm welcome or something like that, then those types of videos are fine to me. They’re organic and show empathy or connection. But if you’re introducing your business and trying to get somebody to make that first phone call, that it needs to be of a more professional and high quality level.

Jared: We work With clients all the time on helping them make their videos that they’re doing themselves better. Because you know, we know you’re not going to call us every time you need to say hi or go live on facebook. You know, you guys are doing great. You’ve got lights and decent cameras and all that. So you guys are already doing it, which is great. I’m sure Daisy had the most to do with that.

Holly: Yeah, Daisy is definitely the brains behind that.

Jared: She’s the director. So that makes sense. There’s definitely a place for all of that. And we’ve helped a lot of clients just making their own videos, which is also fun.

Holly: Fantastic. All right guys. Well, lots of great tips. Make sure that you don’t miss out on the amazing opportunity to connect with this company. All of their contact information is below. Have a great week, and check in with us next week for some more tips. See you then.

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