Holly Walther Lending Team: “Where In The World Is Daisy?” Dare to Be Different – Week 1

Holly: Hey guys, happy Wednesday. It’s Holly and little miss Daisy. And guys, we are so, so, so excited to announce our Where in the World is Daisy? For the month of May. So I’m here with Brittany, and she is the owner and the mastermind behind Dare to be Different on Main. And a personal friend. So Brittany, tell us about Dare to be Different. We different.

Brittany: All right. Well, first of all, thank you for having me. I love, I just have to say, the motivational Mondays are the best way to start my day. I listened to that again this morning. So, huge fan, and thanks for being here. So, Dare to be Different, funny enough, started 10 years ago with my photography businesses. And today, just two years ago, has flourished into a women and children’s clothing boutique. So it’s kind of photography that has blossomed into so much more.

Holly: Yeah, so fill us in. So how did that evolve? Because I know, I know, I’ve been part of your journey since the very beginning, but how did that evolve?

Brittany: Okay. So five years ago I opened a photography studio right down the road. I was there for five years. I photograph families, newborns, babies, and number one question all the time was, Oh my gosh, I’m stressed out. I don’t know what to wear. Right. Where do I get my clothing? How do I pair the perfect outfit together for my daughter’s first birthday session, or senior pictures, or family pictures. So when I moved here in this building, it was a photography studio solely, and it had a little bitty card up front that had clothing on it. Kids’ clothing and a few little women’s pieces.

Holly: I remember, because I did headshots in that corner.

Brittany: Yes. It was empty. I’m like, all of these concepts are going to come together and form a really cool thing. I’m just not sure what it is yet. So as more and more people came in and they loved it things were selling and people were asking for more. So I said, you know, what can I do to make a photographer’s life easier? Right? Or a client of a photographer’s life easier. I can read them. I can help them pair together the perfect outfit to ease their photo experience. So not only am I providing a photography experience and a photo session, but I’m helping them get dressed, look their best, and feel their best. And people love that. It really takes off the edge, I feel, and it makes it a lot more fun.

Holly: I know it does, because I’ve personally experienced it. Well, so tell us about guys. You’ve got to keep checking us out each week. Each week we’re going to introduce more about Dare to be Different. But before we go, tell us about some incentives that people are going to be able to get as part of Where in the World is Daisy? This month.

Brittany: Yes. Okay. So photography wise in the month of May is huge for us. This is our two year anniversary. We opened May third.

Holly: Yay, congratulations!

Brittany: Thank you. So for this store, so it’s our two year anniversary. It’s my birthday, so I celebrate big. So if you come in here and you mention where’s Daisy or little Daisy herself, you will receive $50 off your family photography session, senior session, anything that’s an hour session. So in an hour it’s an hour package, you’ll receive $50 off of that. And then Holly’s favorite, which is how I kind of got to know her really well, is the whole rebranding aspect of things. So, lifestyle head shots, lifestyle branding shots, $75 off of that in the month of May.

Holly: That’s amazing.

Brittany: That’s one thing I love to do when you can come in, I can dress, you we’ll get new headshots, we’ll get lifestyle shots around town. So $75 off of those and $50 off of the full one hour package for the month of May.

Holly: Awesome. All right, guys. Well, thank you so much. Be sure to check us out next week. Have a great day.

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