Holly Walther Lending Team: “Where In The World Is Daisy?” Get Settled In Style Week – 5

Holly: Hey guys, it’s Holly and little Ms. Daisy. She’s tired. It’s been a busy month here at Holly Walther lending team. And I’m so sad that our journey is coming to an end with my good and dear friend, April. She has an amazing business, Getting Settled in Style. I encourage you if this is your first time tuning in, go back over the past few weeks and check out our previous videos. She has provided us some amazing tips. So even though spring is in the air, the pandemic continues. I know a lot of businesses still have their employees working from home. So we have home offices. We’ve been blessed because we’re a small office, that we’re in the office, but let’s talk office space. What can you do to help us maximize the space that we find ourselves in these days?

April: Yeah, you’re exactly right. So, we find still these days that often our home office is working double duty, because it might be in our dining room. It might be in our bedroom. You know, we’re using what we can use, but creating, carving out for you, a designated space that is going to act as your home office is important. Something that can make it feel less like an official office is bringing in, for instance, in upholstered chair, like the one you’re sitting on, Holly. So something that looks more beautiful is more visually attractive, doesn’t signify ‘office chair,’ you know, but works for you and is comfortable. Of course is going to be the appropriate dimensions for you to sit on. So finding like an upholster dining chair is a great option for your home office.

You also really want to consider your lighting. Is there a window nearby? Do you have overhead lighting? And then also including task lighting or some sort of accent lamp is really going to help and it makes it more visually appealing to make your space personal and inspiring. So whether it’s a quote or photos that you want to incorporate, making it beautiful is really going to help you be more productive and enjoy working there. Because let’s be honest, you’re working and it’s work. You want to enjoy how it looks and how it feels.

Then you have the practicality side of things. So something like a tray is a great option. And again, finding a tray, a style that you love that is beautiful to you is going to really help with that. This is where you can have papers. It’s just a great, easy way to dump things, whether it’s on the desk or you’re just removing it later because you’re on the dining room table. It just makes it really easy, but it keeps things contained and it just looks simplified and organized. And again, it’s really going to help you to feel calm and peace in your space.

Holly: Love that.

April: So that’s a great tip. Another suggestion is to find a basket that would house your papers and your books again, in a style, there’s so many out there, that you love, that can sit on top of your desk to contain things, but also keep things at your fingertips. But then you can easily store away if you’re for instance, working at a dining room table in your bedroom or something like that.

Holly: Set in the closet, when you have guests or whatever.

April: Yeah, exactly.

Holly: Awesome. Well guys, she has been fabulous. Like I said, I have personally used her in my own personal home for several things. So I encourage you reach out, do not let that 10% discount go away. Take full advantage of it. Thank you so much. And we hope you all have a great rest of your month!

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