Holly Walther Lending Team: “Where In The World Is Daisy?” Get Settled In Style – Week 3

Holly: Hey guys, happy Wednesday. It’s Holly and little miss Daisy. And we are so excited to continue this month’s series Where in the World is Daisy? with my great friend, April and her amazing business Getting Settled in Style. So we’ve been giving you kind of an overview of April’s business. Last week. She had some fantastic tips on decorating in our home. And just to point out, you know, she was going over decorating that she loves to shop, but she doesn’t necessarily, and she’ll shop in your home. Guys. When she did some organizing for me in my home, she didn’t spend a dollar. She took things, moved it around in our house, so phenomenal experience. And I’m super excited to get on her calendar for what she is going to share with you today. So, talk closets.

April: Yes. Let’s talk closets. So it’s spring time. We’re thinking about maybe some cooler clothes or the sweaters, even though I’m attached to sweaters, maybe they’re going to go away. It’s a great time to take a peek in your closet. So I would strongly encourage you to go through your closet and be honest. When’s the last time that you wore something?

Holly: Which is hard to do.

April: I know. Well, hey, that’s where I do come in. It’s that neutral party. I know we’re attached to our things and I can kind of, you know, give you that nudge where you might need it. But just going through and saying, when is the last time I wore this? Right. Then looking at organizing your clothes. So, some tips for you on how to organize your closet. I love to categorize clothes. What’s work, what’s play what’s lounge, and start there. Then within that, and within the categories, I love to color block. And you can, you know, color of the rainbow. You can go light to dark, whatever it is. I mean, there’s no rules to these things, but it is nice when you look in your closet and you’re looking for something to go, Oh, today I want green, for instance. And you can see they’re all right there.

So matching hangers, matching hangers, like the velvet on it, the nonslip, strongly, strongly recommend these. It just also looks beautiful when you have everything matching and it keeps your clothes in good condition, which is extremely important, right? So kind of going through putting the light colors together on these matching hangers, and then depending on where you stand in your closet, it actually is great. If I’m standing here, I’d want to have my outfits facing me and then you can see what you actually have. I love to keep things visible and keep things pretty. Yeah. And depending on how much closet space you have, I encourage you, you know, kind of the two fingers putting, separating your hangers, two fingers in between. It’s going to give you that simplified, that cohesive, that really calming experience in your closet. I mean, I love TJ Maxx like nobody’s business.

Holly: Oh God girl, I know.

April: But you know that you have like three hours find a shirt in there because it’s crazy stuffed together, versus a boutique or, you know, higher end store where there’s just a few things and actually giving yourself the space in between the closing items is what looks visually appealing, looks beautiful. So hanging as much as you can use your shelves for things like sweaters or jeans, folded. Something I also recommend is a thing like a cloth basket or a thin, it’s not going to scratch or stick anything. You can roll items.

Holly: Oh, very cool!

April: These are just sweaters that are in here, and that can simply go up onto your shelf and everything’s contained in there. And it looks cute too, visually, and finding something that you find that it’s pretty to you. Because again, I’m all about the style. You want it to look beautiful to you. So, things like your lounge wear can be rolled up and put in a basket. And then it’s just nice and tucked away so that when you come into your closet, you feel good about getting dressed and you can find that you have in there.

Holly: Awesome. Maybe we need to do a live event in my closet. Just kidding! I’m not going to put myself out there like that, because I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. We’ve had this closet conversation. Well, guys, I encourage you to reach out to April. You will not be disappointed. A friendly reminder. If you reach out in the month of March to get on her calendar and mentioned my sweet little pup Daisy, you do save 10% off. So be sure to check in with us next week. Have a great one.


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