Holly Walther Lending Team: “Where In The World Is Daisy?” Get Settled In Style – Week 2

Holly: Hey guys, happy Wednesday, happy March. It’s Holly and little miss Daisy. And we are here for your “Where in the World is Daisy?” for the month of March. So last week I had the pleasure of introducing my dear friend, April and her business, Getting Settled in Style. She gave us a great overview of some of the services. We really focused more on like, moving and packing. So, we thought over the next few weeks, I would let her give you some insight kind of on each specific service. So April, what do you have to share with us this week?

April: Well, one of the services that I do offer is decorating. And that might mean refreshing your space. I love to shop your own house.

Holly: Yes, she does.

April: So, I love using what people have, but kind of mixing it up, putting it in new ways. And when you think about spring time, something new, it just feels so good, something fresh. Exactly. and oftentimes we have that already right in in our home. I love to repurpose and reuse. I love to shop too. So if you want something new, I can do that as well. But one of the hot tips, and I know it was a trend in 2020, but in 2021, plants are still huge. Dried plants even are becoming a big thing.

Holly: I was going to say. Can they be fake?

April: They can be fake but honestly. I mean, I have a black thumb and I can’t believe how long I’ve been able to keep my plants alive. And I just want to encourage you to think about it. Consider it. We’ve got a succulent here. I used an old gravy boat. This was from my grandma’s silver, and these guys barely need any water.

Holly: And those are real. Oh!

April: These are real. You do not have to maintain them. They love, you know, just quick drying soil. They do not need a lot of work. My actual three-year-old planted this with me and we had so much fun scooping it in, and it’s just a really nice touch to add something real and live to our homes. It feels so good.

Holly: I love it. I love that. It is inspiration. I honestly thought they were fake. So I will just hire you to do my succulents because again, all my fingers are–I would not be keeping them alive. But guys, we are so excited. Just a quick reminder. If you reach out to April for any of her services during the month of March, and just mention this sweet little pup Daisy, you do get a 10% discount. So I would run not walk over to your computer or your phone and book her right away. And be sure to check us out next week.

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