Holly Walther Lending Team: “Where In The World Is Daisy?” Get Settled In Style – Week 1

Holly: Hey guys, happy Wednesday and month of March. It’s Holly and little miss Daisy. And guys, the spring weather is upon us and we are so excited. This month’s partner is my dear friend, April with Get Settled in Style, and April. I mean, you’ve been a lifesaver in my life. So, can you tell us a little bit about your business?

April: Sure. I’d love to. Thank you for having me, and Daisy, so happy to be here. So, Get Settled in Style. We lived in Miami, Florida about eight years ago and I noticed this need for unpacking. And I don’t mean, you know, the mover unpacks the box and leaves everything. I mean unpacking and then getting things put away in an organized and beautiful way so that it functions well. And you know, some families can come in after this extremely stressful time. Moving is so much work. And they can actually enjoy their home.

So, I noticed that need and really kind of got things started. And the name, Get Settled in Style, really comes from I’m a go getter. I go after things. I’ve got a lot of energy, I love to work efficiently and quickly. And I noticed hearing from people, it was either ‘I’m so overwhelmed. I don’t know how to get started.’ Or, ‘I’ve tried, and I don’t know how to get finished with my project.’ And that’s where I come in. So whether it’s, you know, hand me the keys and I just get after it, or we work one-on-one together or like you and I, we really went over your vision, your goals, what you were looking for, kind of started together. And then you gave it to me to do.

And a lot of this is– I mean, it is okay to ask for someone’s help. I mean, especially now it is okay to ask for someone to help you. And so I know that this is such a personal thing. When you come into someone’s home, and you open the closet, or that dreaded room where you just kind of stuffed things. And I realize, and I want to be super sensitive to that and to people. And so some people it’s like, share with me your stories about whatever it is. I love that. I love getting to know individuals.

Or it’s just, you know, that accountability, you know, again, we can try to get started and we can’t finish. And having someone kind of, like that workout coach, right? That is saying, you know, you can do this! Here’s your homework. I’ll be back checking on you. And it’s actually done. The project actually gets completed. And I’m there for that to just, you know, you’re busy working, you have family have other responsibilities and asking for help having that other person come in to help you is a good thing.

So settled refers to, you know, when you think about settling a baby you calm and sooth and comfort that baby. And I want to have created and helped establish spaces in your home, in your home in general, that invokes those feelings where it is calm. It is simplified. You feel peace. And I–

Holly: You do it so well.

April: Oh thank you! But I get so excited that there is nothing– I love, for instance with you, when I got to show you your son’s room and your media room, and you were so excited to see.

Holly: It was just done.

April: Yeah, it was done and it feels so good, right?

Holly: Yeah. Yeah. So for personal experience, just so you know, guys, I am so excited to have her as our partner for this month. Each week, she’s going to be showing us some tips. I highly encourage you to contact her, reach out to her. I had her come in our home. We weren’t actually moving. So if you’re not moving, you could still use her services. Jake’s room was a nightmare for me. I mean, it looked good, but his toys were all mixed up. She came in, she had quoted me a price. She was way under budget, which was phenomenal. Because a lot of times in business people quote you a price and they would stay the whole time. It was much cheaper.

Jake was elated and he still hasn’t missed any of the toys that we efficiently took to Goodwill. I kind of had a panic attack because I knew what I had spent on those toys, but I let her do her thing. So be sure, be sure. Be sure to continue to check in with us over the next few weeks. She has a lot of great tips. And when booking with her, if you mentioned our little Daisy, you’re going to get 10% off. So thank you so much. We will see you next week.


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