Holly Walther Lending Team: “Where In The World Is Daisy?” The Grande Finale – Week 4

Holly: We are so sad. It is our last week here with Ellen, with the Grand Finale. She has been an amazing partner and host this month. And I know we’ve had some wonderful holidays to talk about. We’ve had Thanksgiving. We’ve had Valentine’s day. I don’t know what year I’m still in. We have had the approaching of Easter. This is going to be coming in April, but your talents aren’t limited to holidays.

Ellen: Absolutely not.

Holly: Tell us what else you could do. Let’s not narrow people’s thinking into thinking you’re just their holiday solution.

Ellen: Right. I do a custom for whatever event you need. If you need something for a wedding, for a baptism, for a baby shower for, birthdays for just, you know what, I want to give you something special because I’m happy you’re my friend. We do it all. I do it all.

Holly: And graduation. That’s in a few months.

Ellen: Graduation, yes. Right. I mean, those poor kids in 2020, they kind of got ripped off on that part. So if you want to have a delayed graduation from 2020, let’s do it!

Holly: Or hey, maybe even a cool promposal. If you’re going to do promposals, let’s do some promposal cookies!

Ellen: Actually, another Avenue I’m starting to go into is more like logos, corporate logos. So, talking about that, I’m just going to thank you for coming by here.

Holly: Oh my gosh! Look at these! I love it!

Ellen: That’s your logo in cookie form. And this gives you an example of how I package things for people. You can share those with your team.

Holly: Thank you so much! Thank you. And then guys, check this out. Look at this beautiful package these come in. So funny because she’s kind of slipped. I just asked her if she had a package box and she said, no! And surprise, she did. These are amazing. And to all my realtor friends out there, guys, you are closing houses, especially in the pandemic. What better fun treat to drop off on their front porch than some cookies? Especially if they have kids.

Ellen: I’ve been doing those actually. Lots of homes specific to what their home looks like, or maybe their plaque or how their numbers are arranged, and copying that and putting the personal touch as far as, maybe they have a dog. Or maybe they have a cat, or children, or whatever. Kind of working that into the whole box of cookies.

Holly: I love that. These are amazing. And don’t forget. I mean, we were talking about baby showers, we had some Georgia peaches here. You’re working at a true artist. I mean, I don’t think Baker cookie-maker extraordinaire does you justice. I mean, she is an artist.

Ellen: And also Holly, this is an example of what the sealed version of the cookie would be. So when you would open your box, as yours are in there.

Holly: They’re sealed. Ready to go. Safe. Perfect drop gift. I am just so touched. Thank you so much. I’m like speechless! And it’s hard, for all of you who know me, to make me speechless. I just love them.

Ellen: Well, I just very much appreciate you guys coming here today. I thank you very much for that.

Holly: Thank you. Thank you. Okay, guys, run. Don’t walk, click the link below. Place those orders. Save her in your contacts. No one that receives these gifts will be disappointed. And for all orders placed in the month of February, use your coupon code ‘Daisy’ for a surprise dessert.

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