Holly Walther Lending Team: “Where In The World Is Daisy?” ESCEX – Week #4

Holly: Hey guys, happy Wednesday. It’s Holly and little miss Daisy. This is our fourth and final week with Adam. As you know, he is our partner for the month of June for “Where in the World is Daisy.” I’m so sad to see you go. We’ve had so many great conversations. I know so many clients – oh buh bye Daisy – are benefitting gosh, all the information that you have brought to us. And, you know, I was thinking, you know, I’ve lived in East Cobb for gosh, probably the past 16 years. And I know we’ve lived in multiple neighborhoods. As most of you know, if you’re not familiar with East Cobb, a lot of these houses were built in the seventies, eighties. So I mean, those roots are now 30, 40 plus. And I know when we lived in an older neighborhood, I would always see these roofing companies. And it’s almost like they would pull in a pickup truck and be like, let out all these young kids in street clothes and was like, you know, like a note pad and a pencil. And they would come to our door, even with all the no solicitation signs – and they’re trying to convince us that we need a new roof. And we’re like, well, I don’t think it’s only a couple years old. And they would even say things like, Oh, we can make sure that you need a new roof.

So that a lot of people have some apprehension and, you know, kind of think of that, or at least I did prior to meeting you, when I’ve heard the word “roof”, can you share us like what your inspection process is like and how you differ?

Adam: Absolutely. It’s a great question, Holly. And you know what guys integrity is everything with ESCEX Roofing and Restorations. Seriously, there are, there are people that will get out there and kick shingles off a roof to try and have it bought. We simply just don’t do that. There’s a lot of people don’t know this, but there’s almost 3,000 companies in Atlanta. It’s because you don’t have to have a roofing license. So things and all kinds of people from surrounding cities.

And it kind of allows these people that might do things to “make sure you get a new roof,” get through. Right? But no, we operate with honesty and integrity. And that’s one thing that I really proud of our company in. Is that we hold great relationships with the majority of adjusters out there. They know when they get up, we’re not calling them out to a bogus claim. What a lot of people don’t realize is that the adjusters have gotten quite smart with roofing forensics. And we can tell if a shingle has been ripped up by somebody and or if it’s actually been vacuumed up from wind passing over your roof – sucks your shingle up. So there’s a lot of nuances to go into. But we offer the free 47 point inspection guys, but we get out and we look for these fine nuances, right?

This insurance adjuster that comes out, he’s out there to help you guys. Please remember he works for the insurance company. And an insurance company is just that – they’re a company. So there’s a bottom line and there’s a profit, right? Our job is ESCEX is to be out there for these inspections to make sure that they are thorough. Because again, wind damage could be as fine as a few strands of hair. A hail dent can be as small as a pinky nail. So we’re making sure that those adjusters are breaking their knees and bending their backs. But also what we do guys, is we point out fraud. There’s a lot of times that these people are out in your neighborhoods and you don’t know any better. And you say, sure, how about hope and take a peek. You know, I imagine many of you folks, haven’t been up on your roof in the last six months, right?

Holly: Nope!

Adam: So, it’s a great thing to take advantage of, I understand that. But we’re actually able to get up there and identify that, and we’re not afraid of it. We’ll straight tell the adjuster, ‘Hey guys, there’s been somebody else up on this roof. We’ve identified it. And these shingles here, fraudulent.’ A lot of adjusters have really respected us for that over the years. And that’s really what it comes down to. It’s a very small world. I’m from San Diego, California. My father was in construction and I kid you not, I was in Arizona of all places putting roofs on about eight, nine years ago, and ran into his own forman.

Holly: Oh, wow.

Adam: Yeah. And he was able to pick me up through the resemblance. So what I’m getting at is reputation is everything. And doing the right thing really makes a difference. And it’s not just as small as Georgia or even Cobb County. So we always do the right thing. You guys can trust that you will get a thorough and free, hassle-free, no-obligation inspection with us. And it will be with the utmost integrity.

Holly: Thanks so much. You guys remember as our partner for the month of June, in the event that you do need work done – you just need to mention Holly Walther Lending Team, Daisy, and you’ll get that $500 credit. It was an honor to have you with us, Adam. I hope that you will all call him today. Refer him to your family and friends. He is a standup guy. He operates at the highest level of integrity. If you don’t have your word, what do you have? And as we always say for this year, the difference between good and great is that little bit of extra effort. And I can assure you, you will have that experience when working with Adam and his company have a great week. Thanks Adam.

Adam: Thanks so much, guys. Have a great week. Take care.

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