Holly Walther Lending Team: “Where In The World Is Daisy?” ESCEX – Week #3

Holly: Hey guys, happy Wednesday. It’s Holly and little miss Daisy, and we are so honored to have a third week with Adam. We’ve had the pleasure of introducing his company ESCEX Roofing and Restoration. We have him again here this week. And Adam I know over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about this 47 point inspection that you do at no cost, how your, A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and all these amazing things. And I know for a fact after experience of working with you, you treat your customers at the same high level that we do. But really, you know, as the market starts to improve and we’re in this hot summer market; if I’m a seller and I’m looking to list my house, you know, I think it would be great that they got this inspection with you. But I think some sellers, you know, thinking if I’m listing my house and I didn’t have the benefit of our partnership and relationship, I would have this hesitation thinking, ‘well, if I have you come out and I need a new roof before I sell my house, my premiums are gonna go up on my next house’. Can you share with us, is that a fact or is that a myth?

Adam: That’s actually a myth. And it’s a great question, Holly. I tell you what your audience is so lucky to have you ask them the questions that you do. So when we come out and we look at your property, we are given this free 47 point inspection, which is not just inspecting your, roof we’re going through the property, looking at it as a whole. Almost like a holistic doctor looks at a patient, right? So when you’re listing your property, oftentimes we’re able to find little flaws or little items that maybe weren’t maintained to the fullest, and we can deal with them ahead of time while it’s cheap and easy to take care of versus having the other side, drag it up and pull it into something larger and making a negotiation out of it, Right?

Holly: Right, because their inspector found it.

Adam: Exactly. And that’s one thing that a lot of people don’t understand. 90% of home inspectors, don’t get up on the roof. They’ll take pictures from the ground and they’ll take pictures from a window sticking out. So you really need to be up on a roof to understand what’s going on with it. A lot of people don’t understand that. Wind damage could be as fine as a few strands of hair. And a hail dent could be as small as a pinky nail. Unless you’re really bending your knees and breaking your back, you’re just not seeing that, you know what I’m saying?

So, great question. But the important thing guys is that if we do find damage out at your property, we’re going to end up tying this to what we call a cat-date. That’s a catastrophe date. And we have to make sure that we file your claim as such. Oftentimes homeowners will follow a claim and they’ll call up and say, “Hey, I’d like to follow a homeowners claim.” And they don’t realize they’re shooting themselves in the foot. What we want to do is call up and file a cat claim, which will have a specific date where multiple people in that zip code were affected with something like a windstorm or hail storm that we just went through. Right? The neat thing about this guys is that when you trust Essex to help you out, we are your liaison from the very start to the very finish. Kind of acting like a consumer rights activists almost – just making sure that everything is handled in the right way. And the neat thing with this guys, is that we can guarantee that your rates and premiums will not rise from this type of claim.

Holly: That’s amazing.

Adam: It’s not considered to a fault. It’s a cat claim. So guys trust in ESCEX and we can come out and help you with all your real estate needs. Again, we offer a free 47 point inspection, no obligation, no hassle with it. We’re just out to educate you folks. And should you choose to follow our recommendation and sign up and are approved, we’re offering a free $500 gift card to go along with this and help everyone out during these times.

Holly: Wow, we’re so lucky to have you as a partner. Guys, if you have any friends, family associates, coworkers, the list goes on and on and on that have mentioned that they’re thinking about selling their house over the summer – that would be a great referral for Adam and his company this week. We’d love to get some of this inspection set up. And I mean, what better way to sell your house? I mean, a perk that you have a brand new roof because not only does it benefit them as the seller, a buyer is going to benefit and have a little more premiums on their insurance because they have a new roof.

Adam: Right. And that’s a great point. And something else that we actually do to, Holly is when we issue our warranty for that lifetime roof that we install, we won’t actually issue that warranty to the seller. We’re going to turn around and issue it to the buyer, once everything closes out. Because that warranty is transferable one time. So if you think about it, it’s kind of on the way for us to say thank you to everyone involved in the transaction and to get a little something extra to the new the recipients of the roof.

Holly: That’s awesome. All right. Well, thanks again, guys. We’ll see you next week. Have a great day.

Adam: They’re having me. Take care of guys.

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