Holly Walther Lending Team: Where In The World Is Daisy? ESCEX Week #2

Holly: Hey guys, happy Wednesday. It’s Holly and little miss Daisy. And we are here for your, “Where in the World is Daisy?” So last week I had the pleasure of introducing Adam Humphreys with ESCEX Roofing and Restoration. (It’s a lot coming out of my mouth at some time, so I apologize) But Adam, last week, you introduced us to the business. You made us aware of some inspections that you do and storms that are happening in the area. I know, you know, as a newer homeowner, a lot of times we think that we don’t need those because our roof’s not that old, but is that a fact or a myth?

Adam: That’s a great question to ask Holly, and I’m glad that you did. So we live here in Georgia, and how often you should be out and checking on your property really depends on where you live in our country. Here in Georgia, we have hot, hot summers, as we all know, and we can get very cold winters. And that is actually the number one enemy of a roof; is going to be that expansion cycle when you heat up and that contraction cycle, when you cool down. So it’s actually recommended to get up on your home roof twice a year. We offer a free, 47 point inspection. So when we’re getting out and we’re looking at your property, I’m not just looking at your roof. I’m taking a peek at windows. I’m looking at your foundation, we’re walking around and really giving you a comprehensive view of your property.

And the neat thing about it is when people say ‘we don’t need this, we didn’t have hail’ – that might very well be the case. But think about this: It’s great to have everything documented with a trusted, well-known, A+ rated company with a Better Business Bureau, actually come out, put a stamp of health on your property. You hang onto that form and turn it in with your insurance paperwork when it comes to renewal. Trust me, insurance companies absolutely love to see this. So it’s not about just trying to go out and get a free roof, but it’s really about maintaining your property in the integrity of your home. And guys, if you think about it, the most expensive maintenance item you’ll have on your house, is replacing that roof, right? So if we are able to document it, then you’ve got a great roof with no storm damage and then a storm does come through, it makes it a great case in point with the insurance company.

Holly: That’s awesome!

Adam: Something else that you guys get with ESCEX too, is that we are training in all the protocols of the insurance company. So we’ve literally come out and take pictures the same way they do. Our estimation process uses a RS means and Walker – it’s called Xactimate. It’s the exact same one that they use. So literally it’s almost like we’re doing their job for them.

Holly: That’s awesome. So they love you.

Adam: But guys, again, a Free 47 point inspection. And also, I’m not sure if you guys are aware, but we had two hail storms, a couple of holiday weekends ago. So we’re offering that free 47 point inspection as well as a $500 gift card for all of those that qualify and sign up with us.

Holly: Awesome. Well, thanks again, and guys keep in mind, whether you’re a homeowner or not your family, friends – please share Adam’s name and information. It’s super important that you get that inspection. I know I’m surely going to be scheduling ours cause I want that certificate to have us positioned in the best way possible. And again, remember Daisy and get that $500 incentive. We’ll see you next week. Thanks.

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